Winning Facebook Ads for Martial Arts Schools

Ready to create consistent lead flow for your martial arts school? One of the best options available is Facebook ads for martial arts schools, but many school owners struggle with putting a great ad together. So here’s our complete guide and peak-behind-the-curtain at our winning Facebook ads for martial arts schools.

The 7 Elements of Winning Facebook Ads for Martial Arts Schools

1. Targeting

Targeting is who you want your ads delivered to. This is typically parents within a certain radius around your academy or gym. Or you could target specific zip codes.

In this winning Facebook ad, we went broad. Going broad means we let Facebook do some of the heavy lifting. We just told them to target everyone living in a 10-mile radius around the academy that is between the ages of 24-55, which is the age range for the majority of parents at this academy.

2. Placement

Placements are where you want the ad to be delivered throughout the Facebook platform. There are a lot of options. In this example, we selected “Manual Placements” and then specifically chose:

    • Facebook feed
    • Instagram feed
    • Facebook stories
    • Instagram stories

I recommend trying these placements and also testing other options to see what works best for your academy. “Reels” is an emerging placement option so be sure to test that out, as well!

3. Ad Images

When it comes to Facebook Ads, the image you use is the most important part of the ad. The image makes people stop scrolling. It’s the first thing to grab their attention. So a boring, confusing, or poor-quality image can kill your ad from generating any leads.

In this campaign, we tested 3 images to start. One image did amazing. We turned off the ones that weren’t performing. Then we added 2 additional images. One of the new images performed very well so we let the 2 ads that were performing best continue to run. Here are the best-performing ad images:

winning facebook ads for martial arts schools 1 winning facebook ads for martial arts schools 2

4. The Offer

Next to the image, the offer is the next most important element of your ads. Without a great offer, people won’t take action, even if your image caught their attention and made them stop scrolling.

For most academies, we recommend trying the Free Class offer. It beats a free month or free week because it’s a lower commitment and get more people in the door. It typically beats a paid trial offer, too, because it brings in more people who are curious. As long as you have a solid sales process and someone who can give the leads the time and attention they need to convert, then more sales opportunities are exactly what you need to grow your academy or gym. This free class offer will bring them in.

If you don’t have a solid sales process, then consider this one: 

  1. Bring in leads for a free class (private class is best, but group is ok too).
  2. Knock the socks off the parent and the child with their first experience.
  3. After the class, offer them your Enrollment Special. This is what it will cost to enroll with a bonus for signing up today. The bonus is typically a free uniform, gloves, or equipment package. You want it to be something tangible they can touch and take home with them.
  4. If they aren’t ready to enroll yet then down-sell to your trial offer. 2 weeks for $29, 4 weeks for $49, or $6 weeks for $69 are the most common for kids martial arts classes.

This process allows you to collect cash quickly with the full enrollment but still allows you to catch the tire kickers with the trial. It will also buy you more time to sell them on the benefits of your full program over the coming weeks.

5. Ad Copy

You want your ad copy to explain the benefits of your programs and include some scarcity so they have to get off the couch and act now. This is why we limit it to 20 spots. You can always add more spots if you have room but start small so you don’t overwhelm your academy.

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6. Lead Form

The lead form is how you’re going to capture their information, turn them from a viewer to a lead, and tell them the next step to take advantage of the offer. For this campaign, we used Facebook Lead Forms.

7. Follow Up

What happens after you generate the lead? This is where most academies fail, even if they have a great ad campaign. If you don’t follow up then generating leads is pointless. You want to call, text, and email your leads MANY times. These parents are busy and often forget what they sign up for but you know they are interested because they submitted their information. So continue to provide value with emails and text messages until they tell you to go away.

Call 1-2x daily until they say STOP!

Text message them immediately, use automation to guarantee this happens, and continue to text them with questions and value until they reply. 

Email nurturing is a great way to stay front-of-mind with your leads. Tell them stories about the transformations you’ve seen in your academy or gym. Show and tell the benefits of your programs. Make them get FOMO (fear of missing out) for not taking action on your special offer.

Need help getting your follow-up setup? Our Local Lead Center is an all-in-one marketing and communication platform to help you manage your leads, automate communication, and track your results. Book a free consult with us to get started with automating your follow up.

Next Step: Launch Facebook Ads for your Martial Arts School

You have the steps, now take action! Get your ads turned on. If you’re struggling to make Facebook ads work, contact us for a free consult and let’s discuss how we can help you generate consistent lead flow with Facebook advertising for your martial arts school.

Best of luck on your new ad campaign!

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