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Stop Bot & SPAM Messages on Facebook

Want to know how to reduce these spam messages? Especially if you’re running advertising on Facebook. Although these messages are clearly SPAM, they come in constantly and can wear on your nerves. So let’s reduce them by about 90-99%, shall we?

The best way we’ve found to block these messages is to block your page from showing in countries that you do NOT do business with. As a local business or martial arts school, you probably don’t do business outside the United States, Canada, and maybe a few European countries or Australia. So it’s safe to block the others. Here’s how to do that and we cover the process in the video above or you watch it here: https://youtu.be/BfGKzDa1Ywc

  1. Go to this URL: https://www.facebook.com/help/www/778445532225441?paipv=0&eav=AfZW24sHSQKLAHHWSFO
  2. Click “Country Restrictions” and “Edit”
  3. Click “Show only to certain countries”
  4. Enter only the countries where you want your page to be seen
  5. Click “Save.”

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